Non-profits and brands seek him out to speak and host events for his motivational words bringing life to the masses through his personal life experiences. His passion thrives not only as an athlete but also an ambassador of living to the fullest and bringing others to their max potential.

You’ve seen him in national athlete commercials, print ads and now films to come. Before he opened the doors of stepping into the entertainment industry Steven received his graphic design degree attending Rhode University and Montclair State University.


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What was your childhood like?

I was born on March the 15th in NJ the oldest of two boys. As a child I moved around a lot for the first seven years of my life. Not having a very stable place to call home as you could say. Living in out of hotel rooms to only be put in a foster home with my younger brother for next four years.

This not only made me grow up in many areas a lot faster but also become the father figure for my younger brother at a very young age. At the age of seven and five my brother and I were graced with two parents eager to give us a life we could never repay them for. My mother a teacher and forever being an influence in everything we got involved in from sports, martial arts musical instruments and most important our studies.

My father was a stock broker on wall street. He worked long strenuous hours but never seem to forget how to show us what being joyful was really all about. They raised us as if we were their own from the start and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. They put me back in line when I was way out of line, when I was down they picked me back on my feet and dusted me off, as I dared to dream they watered the seeds to make them grow and when I couldn’t find a smile they provided the laughs to bring it to upon my face.

My brother and I have a bond like no other as some say we are twins. He’s always been the clown half of the two of us bringing out the laughs of life when our times were trying. Just two and half years separate us in age but not a day would go by without sharing the busting of each others chops.

When did you start running?

Season after season I grew and developed but still lacked the experience and vision for the next level. Natural talent was what I was having fuel me, now a days thats just not enough. The one thing I’ve learned about this sport more than anything is patience is a requirement at every stage.

When I look back at my first taste of the running world they were the days of summer camp. Every year the counselors would take the top three fastest kids to match up against all the other camps in the county. At this point in time I ran because I could and I was damn good! There was no thought in it as a serious sport for me just the pure thrill of out running the guy next to me.

Years later as a freshmen in high school the track coach saw me during my football season and approached my parents in interest of having me come out for the indoor season of track. Not knowing really much about the sport I was reluctant in my decision. My voice of reason stepped in, my parents and they persuaded me to try something new. Thus my track career began going out my freshman season and becoming a county champion in the 300m indoors.

How did you get into fitness modeling and commercials?

I was in my preseason training on the east coast when I was approached by a photographer that asked to take a couple of shots while I was training. I was flattered and said sure why not. After I was done with my session we began to chat for a bit about the industry which sparked my interest in finding more out about it. Not long after I began putting together a few photo shoots to build a portfolio to present to several agencies in New York.

If you’ve heard of some horror stories about agencies, well I can tell you this much that a lot are true. One of my very first meetings with a fitness agency I left with totally scratching my head. In this business you need to have thick skin and know your self worth. Me being an athlete first I was always in shape but this agent sitting behind his mighty desk with a big box of donuts sitting on it and about fifty pounds overwieght proceeded to tell me I need to do some more conditioning. I didn’t know whether to laugh or eat one of his donuts! That just fueled me to make my mark.

Who are your heroes?

I was never one to have so called heroes or icons I reveled at. There were individuals I could say that motivated me but I’ve never asked for an autograph or had a poster up of a public figure. My heroes were those of closet to me. My parents, who I mentioned earlier. They were superstars in my eyes and the impact they made in my life could not be matched.

What are your future goals?

If I can make an impact on just half the people I meet or don’t meet on a daily basis then my life has made a difference. I make my decisions one stride length at a time. Every step may not be on stable ground but when chasing your dreams you have to be willing to step out on shaky ground and take the risks others won’t. Always falling forward is the way to keep the momentum going.

What are some words you live by?

We are all wired by pain or pleasure which drives our every decision towards which paths we take in life. Which ever path you choose be fearless in walking it. There will be many along the way that will not be on your side or better yet try to pull you down to their level. This is where the self values you have in place separate you from mediocrity and greatness. Appreciation, Prosperity, Health, Fearless, Love and Empowerment are at the top of my list.

The biggest misconception so many fall under is that time is unlimited but our next moment in life is never secured or definite. Act in this moment to your fullest potential and for all those who have nothing but negative reviews of you, look at it that if you weren't doing something relevant they wouldn't have anything to talk about. I would much rather be relevant and risk failing than be
invisible and always ask "What If?"